No Gears Driving School came into existence when we realised the increase in demand for Automatic driving lessons. After over 15 years of combined driving and teaching in a manual vehicle, we felt the time was right to start a specialist Automatic driving school.

The increase in demand for Automatic driving lessons, amongst others, is for two reasons.

The first issue relates to new learners.Automatic vehicles are easier to drive, as they do not have a clutch or gears.This tends to mean that the learning process is faster, and pupils will get to test standard quickly.

Overall, this can result in a significant financial saving, as compared to learning in a Manual.

The second issue relates to high polluting vehicles. With the introduction of city centre charges, people are moving to more environmentally friendly vehicles.

Over the years this has seen an increase in hybrid vehicles on UK roads. Hybrids are almost always Automatic-again resulting in an increase in demand for Automatic lessons.

With this in mind, 'No Gears Driving Academy' was set up, to provide Automatic lessons throughout the UK.

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